Signature Bracelet - Black
Signature Bracelet - Black
Signature Bracelet - Black
Signature Bracelet - Black
Signature Bracelet - Black
Signature Bracelet - Black

Signature Bracelet - Black

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  • Murakami Shackle Bracelet. Hand Tooled Vegetable Tanned English Bridle Leather
  • Stainless Steel Marine Shackle Hardware Sterling Silver Crest
  • Make a statement with this solid unbreakable Japanese Pirate Bracelet.
  • Hand Tooled English Bridle is Vegetable tanned without chemicals for healthy wearing.
  • Stainless Steel Shackle is genuine marine grade hardware for the most secure functioning bracelet on the market.
  • Double sided Sterling Silver Murakami Suigun Emblem screw crown.


Leather is a natural product and varies in appearance. Scars, wrinkles and blemishes identify leather as an authentic product of Mother Nature.

Do not submerge leather products in water of any temperature.

Do not swim, shower, bath, or sauna with leather products.

Do not store or leave near direct heat source – intense sunlight – heater vent – radiant heater – water heater – dryer – blow dryer etc.

If product gets accidentally wet, dry off with clean cloth, allow time to dry without aid of external heat source, as mentioned above.

If leather gets accidentally stained – wipe with damp cloth – do not use detergent or mineral spirits.

Leather can be cleaned with proper leather conditioner.



Stainless steel hardware requires little or no polishing, can be cleaned with a damp cloth.



Sterling silver can be lightly polished with silver polish used very sparingly.

Metal ornaments can be wiped with dry cloth. Metal ornament finishes will wear after time – adding patina to your well-loved products.


Easily determine your new belt size requirement by measuring a belt you currently wear. Lay your belt down flat and place a tape measure at the end of the buckle and measure to the hole you currently use. Round up to the nearest available size. IE 35 inches = size 36 belt.

Do not base the size on your pant size or current belt size label. As styles change so can sizing and labelling. Remember to choose the belt for the pants you will most often be wearing. For example some denim is worn around the hips vs the waist meaning 2 sizes up from your waist size.

Investing in a high quality belt makes good fashion sense and proper belt sizing is equally critical.


Wrap a narrow piece of paper approximately 1 cm wide around your wrist and make sure it is comfortable and not snug. Measure the length of the piece to the nearest CM and round up. ie wrist is 17.5 CM order 18 CM Leather will soften and your bracelet will loosen over time.